CR1- The Horse's Mouth

CR1, Treasure

Inside Laboola, first chamber

Let’s see.

The characters learned that the gnolls have lost a member, Krink, who has gone rogue and who has taken the doppelgangers with them.
The gnolls are making a deal with a nearby clan of ogres to attack Haresbreath.
The gnolls do not have the horses (or the supplies) for the Thane Wizards. They claim that the horses were eaten.
According to the released prisoners, there’s a Loa out roaming the woods which they call the Old Groom.
One of the old men in the village, Epolt, was possessed by the Old Groom and has disapeared.
Epolt’s son, Teon, has disapeared looking for his father.
The released prisoners explain that, according to the legend, Laboola (the Old Groom’s horse) can be made to puke up the children it has eaten by feeding it a child who has eaten poisoned mushrooms. The prisoners are feeding mushrooms to goats in case they run into Laboola.

And then the characters got eaten by a horse.



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